Pizza makes me happy. It's easy to make at home or delivery is always just a call or click away. Plus, it's one food that my picky children will eat. The best pizza though isn't one that I can make or have delivered. No, the best pizza is found in pizzerias. I've found a few in my hometown that I visit regularly but it took time to track these down...a lot of time! And what do I do when I travel? A pizza guide would come in handy both for home and wherever else I get the pizza craving. Now there is one.

Where to Eat Pizza is the ultimate guide on pizza from around the world. The book includes detailed city maps, honest comments, reviews and quotes from critics, industry experts, and chefs. Over 1,000 aficionados and food experts from around the world disclose their tips on finding a perfect slice of pizza. More than 1,700 world-wide pizzerias, parlours, and pizza joints are featured. All you need to know is included in Where to Eat Pizza- where to go, when to go, and what to order.

Just in the United States alone, roughly 3 billion pizzas are sold every year (and that doesn't include frozen pizzas purchased). Each person, on average in the US, eats about 23 lbs of pizza annually. That's like eating a car tire!