Proceed with caution (this post has been rated NC-17, if you're looking for something less "adult" then click here- you've been warned)

Sweary, an Adult Coloring Book is filled with pages of the best swear words. Coloring is the perfect way to relax and ease the stresses of the day. Pick a word that fits your mood or maybe that you wish you could've said at work and color to your heart's content. This book comes with digital content so you never run out of fresh pages to print out and color.

Here's an idea of what's inside:

• Moron
• Bitch
• Cocklump
• Bastard
• Asshole
• Bullshit
• Shitfaced
• Fuckwit
• Cuntface
• Fuck!

Factoid: Colors are everywhere but which is the first that we see as babies? It's the color red. Red just happens to be one of the colors that invokes hunger. Makes sense why babies eat all the time if that's the only color they can see!