Poison Bottles is born from a number of different games to create one with crazy twists and intense strategy. This card game has multiple paths to victory, classical elements, and beautiful artwork. Their Kickstarter campaign has already received more than double their goal from over 115 backers (2/23/16). One thing that makes Poison Bottles stand out above the rest is their commitment to value. The game is manufactured with high-quality materials, with some pieces being painted by hand, and it's all assembled in-house. For detailed gameplay, check out the campaign page and watch the video. I love games and this one has me itching to play.

Factoid: In the summer of 1885 the Statue of Liberty was in New York in pieces, awaiting assembly, but the US had been unable to raise the funds for a granite base. A fundraising campaign was launched by Joseph Pulitzer in his newspaper. The campaign eventually raised money from more than 160,000 donors with most of the donations amounting to less than a dollar. In total, $101,091 was raised in this early example of crowdfunding.