Image yourself in the 6th century BC where you're the head of the Chinese militia. You're tasked with creating a weapon that will give your army an advantage in battle. Building upon the success of the longbow, a trusting armorer comes to you with an idea for a ready-fire arrow launcher. Intrigued, you decree he build a proof-of-concept before going full scale. Brought to you, as I imagine it, is the BB Sniper Mini Crossbow. After firing several test rounds of your wife's Q-Tips, you know you've found the weaponry advantage you've been seeking, along with a marital fight you won't win.

Part of UncommonCarry's Sniper Series, the BB Sniper is a well-constructed handmade mini crossbow design to fire both toothpicks and small steel balls. Available in two color options, black and stainless steel, the palm-sized crossbow sits beautifully on an included tabletop stand making the perfect office desk showpiece. In addition to the stand, it comes with two metal strings and 2mm steel balls. The estimated range for the projectiles is 10-15 meters (about 33-49 feet).

How To Use A Mini Crossbow

Firing the BB Sniper is pretty straightforward. If using a steel ball, draw back the metal string until it locks in place, then top-load the ammo and you're ready to fire. If using toothpicks, you can take advantage of the self-loading feature for rapid firing. To do so, once again lock the string in place and side load a few toothpicks and you're ready to go. It is recommended you use toothpicks with a flat back for more consistent shots. To hone your skills there's a soft foam target available as well.

Additional Product Series

The BB Sniper is not the only mini crossbow UncommonCarry makes. In addition to the Sniper Series, there is the Bowman Series, the Ghost Hunter Series, and to round out the armory, the Miniature Cannons.

The Bowman Series contains the original mini crossbow aptly name Bowman. This single shot toothpick weapon comes in 3 colors; black, silver, and gold. Plus, it comes with a standing shooting target.

If factors like Probability of Kill and Probability of Hit matter to you, the Ghost Hunter may be for you. This mini crossbow stands out from the crowd as it's equipped with a featured most professional spirit hunters consider a requirement... an illuminated infrared light. Its color option is a black/gold combination.

Finally, there are the cannons. Both the Mini Combat Cannon and the Mini Covert Cannon are gunpowder powered. Weighing in at just under a 1 pound, these stainless steel cannons, while considered toys, pack a surprising amount of power. They can be fired using either 3F black powder or black powder substitute (2F granulation).

About UncommonCarry

Based out of Portland, Maine, UncommonCarry's goal is to bring handmade, high-design products to the marketplace and allow those of us with an appreciation of unique and practical gadgets a chance to feel like kids anytime we want.